In 2001, I was making running average of $175k/yr with thousands of stock options as a SENIOR #VLSI Engineer and hearing from recruiters DAILY between 1998 and 2001.

I interviewed what would become Apple’s vaunted VLSI SoC team in 2000, including talking directly with Phil Schiler, but was ultimately kept out of Apple as a result of anti-poaching activities within the industry that are now well documented by multiple media sources.

After only  working for green card Indian managers or having NO MANAGER ART ALL at multiple companies, I was LOCKED OUT OF THE VLSI INDUSTRY when the Bush administration tripled H1B visa quotas starting in 2001.

After 2001… I haven’t had a single interview or phone screen in the industry despite having stellar experience on multiple FLAGSHIP products from FLAGSHIP companies in the industry.

I worked on the first mobile Pentiums and my ideas were used by the company to develop test platforms on 486s -AND- mobile Pentiums.

I worked on the GPU in the first Xbox and helped productize it’s core IP into an off-the-shelf product.

I wrote auto placement and route tools for chip-wide VLSI CPUS -AND- GPUS for multi-Ghz chips at deep sub micron geometries.

But somehow… I’m unemployable.

For some reason.

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