Our employers say they can't find qualified candidates

There may be some special factors affecting construction (i.e., recent housing bust, declines in immigration), but employers across almost all industries seem to be having problems finding talent..

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Don't you think we should show the World that there are plenty of Qualified Americans IF they would only look?

We are all over the map, in every city, and every state AND with all the skills that were necessary to make America the greatest nation in the World for the last century and the skills necessary to continue that well into the next century

I am in the process of developing this site, but I believe you can see where I am going with it

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I am a software developer with over 3 decades of skills in the software industry - Like everybody else, I can't buy an interview, so I fight what is happening with sites like this one and http://keepamericaatwork.com/ and http://h1bhuntinglicenses.com/ and my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/vbierschwale because I believe the people in America deserve better than seeing their jobs sent to other countries via Free Trade Agreements and watching as non-immigrant guest workers are imported to take the remaining jobs.
You can contact me at vbiersch@gmail.com