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We’ve all heard the lies on tv and in the newspaper about how they can’t find qualified employees.

Problem is, we know we have the skills and can excel in the jobs that they need help with.

BUT, we aren’t being considered.

Is it age?

Is it a lack of a degree?

Is it because we are not on a non-immigrant guest worker visa?

We don’t know the answer.

BUT, we do know we have had enough and we will be silent no longer.

Davidson’s largest employer has a problem.

You probably know the products Ingersoll Rand manufactures, such as Trane air conditioners and Club Car golf carts, even if you didn’t know the parent company’s name. The Irish conglomerate with its North American headquarters in Davidson has grown to about 2,000 local employees since planting its roots in the quaint Lake Norman town in the mid 1970s.

The problem? The company has about 1,000 open jobs that it’s having trouble filling.

The main cause of that is the so-called skills gap, CEO Michael Lamach said in a recent interview at the company’s headquarters. The term refers to a shortage of workers with the necessary technical skills to handle machinery, perform service on the equipment and use advanced technology, among other functions.
It’s a perplexing thing, too, since the jobs are often high-paying, and usually don’t require a college degree, Lamach said. Commercial technicians at Ingersoll Rand, for instance, can make up to $105,000 without having attended a four-year university.

“Most parents, I think, will coach their kids to go to college, and in doing so, are not thinking about some of the vocational areas,” he said.

Filling the pipeline with fresh young talent is a task he and hundreds of other manufacturing leaders around the U.S. are prioritizing through community outreach, recruitment in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs and efforts to create enjoyable workplaces for employees.


If you have applied at a company and you know you have the skills to fill the job and excel in it, it is time to tell your story so that the propaganda “We can’t find qualified people” will come to an end.

Your silence enables this.

Tell your story.

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I applied and interviewed for an Oracle database engineer position and was rejected. It is all INDIAN employees.


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